Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Official: Swimsuit season is here.

I suppose this is the weekend we should all be dreading, the weekend pools across the country open to the public. Ghostly pale bodies stuffed full of winter stews and soups, such a beautiful combination! All narcissism aside, I prefer shorts/skirts/dresses over pants but I'll be the first to admit that's mainly because I just never feel comfortable in pants.   
But, it's okay because I'm also the queen of pretending I'm on a diet but never actually attempting to eat less. If you ask me, after this weekend, summer is officially here and thus there is nothing like cute lululemon workout gear to get you motivated! Actually, I suppose there is nothing like cute short-shorts/swimsuit/romper to get you motivated either. I'd dish out a few meal replacement Diet Cokes as well...

It's Official: Memorial Day weekend has started!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! The only thing better than a three day weekend is a three day weekend in the summer. My favorite holiday festivities take place outside and are centered around booze and good fourth of Julyish food (how does raw triple berry crisp or chocolate dipped pretzels sound?!) but if your being harassed by tornados, Nordstrom half yearly sale is also this weekend and The Hangover Part 2 came out in theaters (the first one really just can't be beat). Relax, be safe, enjoy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Official: The May flowers are blooming!

The month of May always ends up becoming a great time for shopping. There's my birthday (obviously), the end of school and the start of summer food, festivities and friends. Each event (again, obviously) needing a new show-stopping outfit. I like to think me and that model would be two peas in a pod. 
The shift out of cool weather is a perfect time to take advantage of fun colors and trends. 
Plan your work, work your plan!

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Official: Blame it on the sun.

I've been so busy doing summer activities/boycotting real life that I forgot I even owned a computer. Among other things, I saw the new movie, Bridesmaids, and it was absolutely hysterical. The crowd was perfect for people watching. It was so crowded they actually made an announcement to encourage the edge-hogs to shift seats and make more room.
We arrived at the theater, parked, and began making our way in while anxiously chit-chating over the upcoming comedy. All of a sudden, I could feel and hear somebody right behind us. Out of nowhere, this ghost of a guy was right on our tail. I could feel him towering over me, looking down on my sparky headband. One too many CSI episodes implied this completely wrong. He was so close to us I instinctively tightened the grip on my purse and tried to find his reflection and/or profile off the nearby cars in the parking lot. The glare from the late evening sun ruined this strategy.
His stride was so in sync with mine I went into a full-fledged panic attack in about 12 seconds flat. At this point I was looking for an escape route. I was playing tetris in my mind using the nearby cars to plan my getaway. As I got less and less talkative I began shooting knowing glances to my clueless friends and the worry quickly spread among us. To say we were speed walking would be an understatement.
Finally we reached the door and as he reached out to hold it open for us, we all basically dived out of the way thinking one of us was sure to be pistol whipped. Finally, got a good shot of the perpetrator: lanky, four-eyed and completely lost. Typical. No wonder he came out of nowhere in the parking lot, his long ass legs were probably twice the length of mine (so jealous). 
The guy was totally harmless. I actually ended up feeling bad for him because I think he got stood up and was only walking so fast because he was excited. Anyway, we got our tickets and made ourselves sick off crunchy ass candy, loud popcorn and slurppy diet soda. The movie was very funny - I recommend it! PS - I'm kind of obsessed with this salmon color right now. Matches my background perfectly, no?!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Official: A white and yellow departure.

This coming fall I will be transferring to a new school, so, I thought as a farewell to both my current school and the (almost!) end to a very long semester, it would be fitting to send my goodbyes in our school colors -- were actually black and gold but what the hey! 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Official: I'm feeling nautical.

For what seems like the 983rd consecutive day, the only thing on my mind is the seashore. I didn't think it was possible to be this distracted, until finals week happened. I suppose the cardinal rule lives on: "Do the things you need to do when you need to do them and one day you can do the things you want to do, when you want to do them." 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Official: CINCO DE DRINKO.

To be completely honestly, I don't have the slightest idea what this holiday is even in commemoration of but, I celebrate with all the classics! Nachos are hands down my favorite food, so I would never pass up a time to share the love. Although, actually sharing the final product does get a bit tricky. Wishing everyone a fun, safe holiday, ¡Salud!
Classic my dad couldn't wait to drink his beer thus sacrificing a perfect picture
Classic Mexican perfection

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Official: Never chase girls, chase dreams first.

Before I begin this story I guess I should say three things. One, this is anything but a love story. Two, I sincerely did try to be nice to him. And three, I'll continue to fill in space with pretty inspiration in case you're not amused.
Each morning I snag The New York Times and attempt the crossword puzzle. Last year, I made a habit of arriving to my Spanish class extra early to crack the codes in a quiet classroom. One day the puzzle was particularly hard and another student had beat me to class. I assume my scrunched face and/or angry sighs gave away my confusion so, this guy, my teacher called him Pablo (I honestly don't know his real name) started offering his help. This infringement in and of itself was just annoying; it was not a group project. Day after day he tried to help so I slowly started rearranging my schedule in order to do my crossword, once again, in peace.
However, from that day forward, Pablo was literally every where I went. Like, I'm not kidding. Everywhere. Even worse, to say he talks incessantly would be an understatement. He is more tiresome than that stereotypical, spying, antagonizing, little brother.  Think long and hard about an obnoxious pet peeve of yours, multiply it by a million, subtract your dignity, add the name Pablo, and you've got my guy.
I tried so hard to be nice to him. I mean, he must have thought I was friendly enough to continue popping up everywhere I was, right? Plus, I knew I had no reason to be mean; he was friendly and he liked me, a rare combination! But, this guy seriously just started becoming a pain. Outside of the class we shared together, we "coincidentally" crossed paths about once every two days, never more than 6 minutes each time, but for an entire year.
An entire year later and cue to today, Pablo (still no idea what his name is) has literally driven me BANANAS with his annoying small talk. Like clockwork, I popped out of the bathroom, hands still wet and fuming over the pathetic blow-dryers when I look up and see him. I've pretty much just had it with this guy. I'm now speed walking to my car with Pablo at my hip. He's talking a mile-a-minute about his awkward, debauchery filled weekend when finally, somehow, he asked me about my summer plans.
I'm now at my car, loading supplies into the back seat and just mumble something along the lines of, "I don't know. See ya!!" I then jumped in the front seat, slammed the door shut and turned on the car. At this point he is still shouting at me, through the rolled up window, asking for my number so we can talk over the summer.
How is this even possible? Can this guy really not pick up on social cues? I don't even know his name!! We've certainly never talked long enough/about anything important enough for him to even put me in a friend category. I just don't get it. There are so many things wrong with the story. And, I guess and if there is something you should take from it, it is this: don't EVER try to help me with my crossword puzzle.